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qui ont en couverture des titres d'articles et/ou de dossiers
sur les LGBT, le genre, le sexe, la sexualité et le sida

Les titres et sous-titres des dossiers ou des articles référencés ne concernent évidemment pas les personnes
dont leurs noms et/ou leurs photos sont présentés pour d'autres rubriques sur les couvertures de ces journaux



Weekly Entertainment

29 june 2012 : N° 1213
Special Report > The New Art of Coming Out : How Gay Stars are Now Carefully - and Surprisingly - Going Public about their Private Lives ... [ Gay Pride > ... Coming Out can still expose you to some pretty awful bigotry ... || By The Way, We're Gay > ...and it's truly no big deal. Or is it ? How Hollywood's stars have created a new, quiet - and incredibly effective - way to come out ... | A Gay Ol' TimeLine > 4.1997 : Ellen DeGeneres reveals she's a lesbian in a Time magazine cover story called Yep, I'm Gay ...
Young Men on That's My Boy > Adam Sandler's latest comedy failed to ignite the general public ... ]


Weekly Entertainment

28 january 2011 : N° 1139
Special Report > Gay Teens On TV : How a bold new class of young gay characters on shows like Glee is changing hearts, minds & Hollywood [ Leb by a poignant anti-bullying on Glee ... ¤ When Rickie Vasquez came out to his family on a 1994 episode of My So-Called Life ... | Gay Teen Timeline > Today's TV landscape includes over two dozen gay teens ...
Glee's Super Bowl Thriller > Fox's hit musical pays tribute to the Michael Jackson ... ]



November 2010 : N° 11 - Volume 19
America's Gay Obsession > Culture, politics, marriage, even the military – why homosexuality is advancing [ The great Homo Con || Fear factor ¤ Sex is Sacred | Americans overwhelmingly oppose same-sex marriage | Obama fighting on 3 fronts for open homosexuality in the military I 10 problems with an LGBT Law for the military | America on the Brink I Sexual sabotage | The Gay deathstyle | The zero-sum game of Gay Rights ¤ Americans for Truth About Homosexuality | What's causing all the Gay teen suicides ? | The end-of-civilization question I The Bible and Vile Affections | Sex and consequences I The Tea Party manifesto ... ]


WSQ   Women's Studies Quarterly

Fall > winter 2008 : N° 3 & 4 - Volume 36
Trans - [ Trans-, Trans, or Transgender ? | Transing and Transpassing across Sex-Gender Walls in Iran ¤ Branded Living ¤ Cutting It Off ¤ More Lessons from a Starfish ¤ Riddle Song ¤ Humans, Horses, and Hormones ¤ Which Half Is Mommy ? ¤ How Metaphor Works ¤ Transgender without Organs ? ¤ An Fu to the Men in Blue ¤ Perverse Citizenship ¤ Electric Brilliancy ¤ Zamboni after Peggy Munson's ¤ Trans/Bolero/Drag/Migration ¤ Reconstructing the Transgendered Self as a Muslim, Nationalist, Upper-Class Woman ¤ Not Food or Love ¤ Transgressive and Transformative Gendered Sexual Practices and White Privileges ¤ Translating Women and Gender | Trans Genital Blueprint | Transparent | Compulsory Gender and Transgender Existence | Transpedagogies | When Species Meet ¤ Transforming Gender ¤ Unruly Bodies ¤ The Transgender Studies Reader ¤ Sperm Counts ¤ Imagining Transgender ¤ Feeling Backward | Expecting Bodies ... ]



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des titres et sous-titres de dossiers et/ou d'articles :

avec citation de courts extraits des articles
et visualisation en vignettes de leurs couvertures

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Les autres articles des journaux
(qui n'ont pas mis en couverture des titres d'articles et/ou de dossiers)
sur les LGBT, le genre, le sexe, la sexualité et le sida
sont archivés sous forme de coupures de presse

pour la Revue de presse de l'Académie Gay & Lesbienne


Le Conservatoire des Archives et des Mémoires LGBT
a recueilli aussi plusieurs collections de Revue de presse

provenant des personnes et organisations LGBT,
ainsi que des associations de lutte contre le sida...




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